Who escaped East Berlin? Crayons or Markers? What do walls do? The GOING OVER tour continues

Saturday, April 5, 2014

We are asked many things in this writing life, and sometimes we just plain don't have answers. But when young Turkeybird pulled out his notepad and stared up at me, I gave him everything I had. Answers to questions like:

How do you talk to someone when there's a big wall in the way?

If you were seven what would you read next?

Swings or Slides?

Crayons or Markers?

The entire conversation (and a book giveaway) can be found here, on the site of the utterly lovable super Mom/agent/writer/blogger/friend Danielle Smith of There's a Book. I love many things about Danielle, but love in particular how she's found a way to make her life so whole—her passion for books becoming a passion her children share. Danielle includes her children in the work she does. And there is joy in quantum quantities.

And there's another blogger I'd like to thank today — the very great The Book Swarm, who made room for a brief essay I'd written about those East Berlin escapees who did indeed make it over the wall. That can be found right here, on this deservedly popular blog. Thank you, so much, The Book Swarm!


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