three things, one day: STORY, GOING OVER, Danielle Smith

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yesterday, amidst much corporate work, three things happened:

I learned that Going Over, my 1983 Berlin Wall book, has officially launched as a paperback, and I thank Chronicle Books for its faith in this story. (And the darling Taylor Norman, for tweeting the news.)

I learned (again from Taylor, who has so steadfastly supported this book) that This Is the Story of You has gone to print, with its gorgeous jacket and incredibly generous quotes from Dana Reinhardt, Tim Wynne-Jones, and Margo Rabb (and its Junior Library Guild citation).

I talked to Danielle Smith, who (in a matter of days) read the middle grade novel I've lately been obsessed with, said so many reassuring things, talked with me about some decisions I'd have to make as I refined the story, and said yes to representing me. I have known Danielle for almost as long as I have been writing for younger readers. The popular force behind the beloved There's a Book blog, Danielle has read my stories, always. She has supported me in a multitude of ways—throwing blog parties, walking the floor of the BEA with me, calling just to talk, listening as I worked through ideas. A few years ago, Danielle launched a career as an agent and today, as a member of Red Fox Literary, she is seeing her authors receive raves and stars, foreign sales, and success at hoped-for houses. I've always been happy to call Danielle my friend. I'm incredibly happy to be taking this step forward with her into the land of Middle Grade.


kiperoo said...

Congratulations! Such fantastic news all around!

Melissa Sarno said...

Ah, awesome, Beth! I'm so excited you're writing middle grade. I want to reeeead it.

Joanne R. Fritz said...

Me too! Middle Grade + Beth Kephart = WIN! And congratulations on your agent news!

Beth Kephart said...

Thank you, dear friends. It feels like the right fit. The right space for me.

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