New Life

Thursday, February 19, 2009

At the dance studio today, it was all of us. It was, at the heart and pulse, Cristina, who brought her baby—six weeks old and already dreaming music. The baby's long and perfect fingers sculpted the air. Her soul absorbed our love. Her grace was our grace as Scott took her on and cradled her within his rise and fall.

You don't dance at my age to become a ballroom star. You don't dance with illusions, when you dance with Jean. You dance because you trust the others who gather with you there, because they have, in so many ways, become a family. I danced a lousy jive today, and I also held a baby. I hugged a radiant, brave, and dear new mother, and I looked around—at the good in us, the awe, the tender.

New life is new hope. The music plays beyond us. The music is dreamed by the young.


Saints and Spinners said...

This is one of those times when I don't have anything insightful to say, but am just glad to have stopped by to read your words and look at your photos.

Anna Lefler said...

I can see you, holding that sweet little baby...and swaying gently to the music...



Unknown said...

Beautiful. And family would never tell you that you dance a lousy jive...not to your face anyway ;)

Peace - Rene

Sherry said...

A dance family. Okay, I'll just come out with it...I'm so envious.

Em said...

Ohh, what a beautiful picture. It's wonderfully happy things like this that make me cry.

"The music is dreamed by the young." And danced by us all. This is one of your best posts.

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