Dancing with Natalie Merchant in the Morning Sun

Sunday, December 27, 2009

and wondering where she's gone, whether she's by the river of which she once sung. If she is, I will find her.

well I will go to the river
from time to time
wander over
these crazy days in my mind
watch the river flow
where the willow branches grow
by the cool rolling waters
moving gracefully and slow

—Natalie Merchant,
"Where I Go"


Sherrie Petersen said...

Cool photo! Now I have to go dig out my 10,000 Maniacs cds :)

Sherry said...

So fun! Yay for sunshine in your world today.

(Love your new header. I grew up alongside a herd of these big, black beasts.)

kristen spina said...

I love Natalie Merchant. One of the best.

Amy said...

I was just listening to Natalie this past week and wondering the same thing...where is she?

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