The light at the end of her tunnel (Colleen Mondor sells her first book)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A week or so ago, Colleen Mondor, Chasing Ray blogger and Bookslut reviewer (among other things), wrote to say that she would soon be able to share big news.  And so I waited, knowing, as I did, that Colleen had been at work for several years on a book she'd called THE MAP OF DEAD PILOTS.  It was a book inspired, in part by her work as co-owner of an aircraft leasing company, her knowledge of Alaska, her love for boundary-stretching literature, and her passion for melding fact and the imagination.  And it was a book agented by one Michele Rubin of Writers House, whose belief in this project Colleen has described in posts spanning several years.

This was an author and agent who would not give up.  Not in the face of so many almosts.  Not in the face of a rapidly changing industry.  Not in the face of so much that can feel so bleak when you are on the waiting side of a coin.

And so, this week, I waited for Colleen's news.

It came yesterday—news that this book, described in Publishers Marketplace as being "about Alaskan pilots navigating a world that demands close communion with extreme physical danger and emotional toughness" has been sold to Holly Rubino at Lyons Press.  It will go on the fall 2011 list.

I could not be happier for Colleen, who has cheered so many of the rest of us on, has gotten us talking about important book issues (diversity in storytelling, honesty in jacket design, the value of nonfiction for the young), and has never bowed to envy or bitterness.  Colleen Mondor has sold her first book, and she'll tell you more about it here


Susan Taylor Brown said...

Oh I am so very excited for Colleen. This has been years and years in the making and yet so very much deserved. Yay!

Colleen said...

Thank you so much for this, Beth. As you know, your support has been critical in all this waiting and hoping and rewriting (and rewriting...).

I appreciate every kind thought and word you have sent my way.


Beth F said...

I'm so glad to see this post. I congratulated Colleen on Twitter but not everyone is there. Happy to see the word get out

I've followed Lyons Press for years (from its beginnings??) and I have faith the book will be a success.

KFP said...

Great photo to illustrate this happy news for Colleen.
Colleen: May you have many readers, big sales and much recognition.

Beth: the autumn-light photos in this and the last several posts are so beautiful. I love what you see, and capture, in both words and pictures.

Lilian Nattel said...

Congratulations to Colleen. This is a post that made me smile tonight.

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