The most extraordinary meal — ever

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The day went from a blast of premature spring sun to the whipping in of wind; mid-afternoon, spur of the moment, we called one of the Philadelphia area's hottest restaurants and asked if they might have room for two.  Yes, as a matter of fact, they did, thanks to a last-minute cancellation.

And so we drove down 476 and over the bridge and into Conshohocken to Blackfish.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  We are Top Chef watchers, Anthony Bourdain fans, cookbook collectors, studiers, attempters.  We are only now, at the age that we've become, beginning to explore, very infrequently, this kind of actual (as opposed to virtual) restaurant dining.

I have never (never) had a meal like I had last night—a baby arugula/English cucumber/cherry belle radish salad; striped bass with golden raisins and pink peppercorn vierge; and vanilla creme brulee.  So perfectly light, so perfectly finished, so utterly satisfying.

Philadelphia Magazine has just named Blackfish the area's top restaurant.  Number one.  No wonder.


Sarah Laurence said...

Yum! I shall take note for the next time I visit my friend outside Philadelphia.

KFP said...

That's how my husband and I felt when we ate at Vetri in Philadelphia two years ago. Now we will have to put Blackfish on our wish list. Right next to Amada which you wrote about a few months ago.

Also sending this to my in-Seattle foodie son for his must list when he comes home to the East Coast to visit.

Melissa Sarno said...

Most extraordinary meal ever?! That's a huge claim. I must try it when I take a trip to Philly. Who are your favorites on Top Chef? I am rooting for Carla and Richard this season. But I would love to see a woman get the All Star title.

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