In him, spring

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I scroll through my cache of digital photos looking for green, looking for spring.  I find years past—my garden, Chanticleer, Montreal, Barcelona, Seville, Hilton Head Island, San Miguel, Longwood Gardens, a sudden eruption of color by the New Jersey shore in winter.  In between it all, photo after photo, my son—better than any season.  He'll be home in close to a week, I tell myself.  Sacred time.  Never, ever enough time.

I grow impatient for him, and for spring.


Kelly H-Y said...

So sweet ... and so eloquently put.

Anna Lefler said...

I love this.


:-) Anna

Becca said...

The boys always bring hope home with them, don't they?

May the two weeks fly swiftly :)

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