Greta gives me a rose (Happy Mother's Day)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

We celebrate Mother's Day at St. John's Presbyterian Church with a youth-led service, happy songs, and roses. Today the bells rang, the singers sang, a young poet read, and, toward the end of it all, the youth went up and down the aisles giving roses to their moms.  I was talking to the young man beside me at the time, and so my head was turned when I heard young Greta (who is Clara's sister and Paul and Julie's youngest daughter) saying Happy Mother's Day. Wearing her bright smile and her sweet blue dress, she delivered unto me this slender pink rose.

Sometimes the children of the world belong to all of us (or perhaps they always do). Today Paul, Julie, and Clara shared their Greta.

Happy Mother's Day to all who love the children of this world.


Unknown said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful gesture...reminds of the idea that children are raised and marked by many of the people around them. For Greta you are a kindred spirit.

Happy Mother's Day.

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