"The Most Useless College Degrees"

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I didn't make that title up. I borrowed it from this week's Newsweek, which I scanned while in the midst of numerous afternoon errands. It's a brief little blip, apparently provided by The Daily Beast. It doesn't make me happy. Indeed, it makes me wonder. For it is, apparently, equally useless to be a writer, to grow our food, to design our clothes, to take care of our children, to make sure we and others eat sensibly, and to sing.

I quote in full:
10 Majors That Don't Pay
(taking into account career salary levels and the numbers of jobs available):

1. Journalism
2. Horticulture
3. Agriculture
4. Advertising
5. Fashion design
6. Child and family studies
7. Music
8. Mechanical-engineering technology
9. Chemistry
10. Nutrition


KFP said...

Oh, my. I am a writer/journalist, husband is a horticulturist. We're sunk.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Beth

I guess one would have to love their job more than money. Some of these degress I would think would be good to have-??

Tracy :)

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