My friend and comedienne extraordinaire Anna Lefler has a book deal

Friday, May 27, 2011

It may be true (I'm talking to you, Florinda, you) that I've never actually met Anna Lefler in person. But I have talked to this west-coaster countless times and for innumerable hours on the phone, shattered my fragile bones over her genius blog funnies, watched her perform on You Tube for the most sensational crowds (my own sensational snickering husband at my side), and been on this awed and grateful side of her steadying wisdom and stupendous generosity. I've interviewed Anna, and I've read her books in progress, kept her cards and icons and treasures on my sill and near my heart.

It wasn't long ago that my friend called with some news that she can now make public: Anna Lefler has her first book deal! She was sought out, thanks to her riveting blog. She said yes.  She plunged in with the professionalism, discipline, and completely lovably twisted eye she brings to all things under the tilted sun and orbed-out moon. And you will not have to wait long for your copy of a book every woman will soon have.

From Publishers Marketplace:
Comedian and "Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder" blogger Anna Lefler's CHICKTIONARY: FROM A-LINE TO Z-SNAP, THE WORDS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW, a humorous lexicon of the terms women use and what they're really saying when they use them, to Diane Garcia at Adams Media, for publication in October 2011, by Betsy Amster at Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises (World).

I'll admit: I've seen a few early entries. I'll admit again: I was sitting at the hair salon when Anna's most recent entry flew in over my phone. I read the final line to the ladies I was with. Here is what they, in unison, said:

Oh my gosh, that's going to be a bestseller!!!

Congratulations, Anna Lefler! I know I've never had a chance to give you a real-live hug. But I did see you floating down the street one day, high above the crowds. I took the picture here, so that I might someday say: I knew her when. I was in her audience.


Florinda said...

This is FANTASTIC! I've seen a few of Anna's submissions for - as well as cracked up over her blog - and am sure this will be a hit. Thanks so much for sharing this, Beth!

Lindsey said...

I only just discovered Anna this week and am thrilled to hear this!!! xo

Becca said...

Congratulations to Anna! I've read her blog, and will look forward to reading and laughing over her book!

Anna Lefler said...

Okay, how is it that there exists - somewhere - a parade float/Mardi Gras head-thing that looks *exactly* like me...and I knew nothing about it? You've been holding out on me, Kephart.

Thank you thank you, my dear friend, for this amazing post! I appreciate it - and your loving support - more than I can say.



Patty Chang Anker said...

Fist bumps and finger snaps, all around - congratulations, Anna!!

Pseudo said...

Congrats to Anna! she is so funny, one of the first bloggers I started reading.

Alexandra said...

She is so funny. I came across Anna with a post of hers at McSweeney's.

She had me pee my pants.

She actually did.

It will be a bestseller, every one of her posts could be a bestseller.

When Pigs Fly said...

Anna is a riot. I'm so glad she's gotten a book deal. It's great that you are highlighting her on your site.

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