Talking about Connectivity, Melissa Sarno, and a Stealth You Are My Only Giveaway

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I want to talk for a moment about connections—about the way one thing leads to the next.

The story starts with this blog, begun in a vacuum in 2007, begun with absolutely no idea of what a blog might reap, or what a blog should be.  (As you can probably tell, I am still figuring that out.)

Somewhere along the way, somehow, the magnificent My Friend Amy found her way here.  And because My Friend Amy had, scores of others did, too.  My Friend Amy is that kind of gal.

Among the My Friend Amy coterie was one Melissa Sarno, now a dear, amazing, smart, funny, treasured friend.  Melissa is a writer and producer for a toy company by day, as she will tell you on her exceedingly intelligent blog.  She is a fiction writer by (extremely late) night.  In between she keeps me laughing with her tales and her adventures, her threats to visit upon me the world's best pairing of cookies and wine, say, or a perilously stacked cone of ice cream.  Twice Melissa has stood before me live and in person at the BEA.  Always I learn from her.

Last week, Melissa was away.  Yesterday she was at a certain tennis match.  This morning, I turned on this computer to find Melissa right here, with me, undertaking a Stealth (which is to say surprise) In Anticipation of You Are My Only giveaway.  It's pretty big.  It's so Melissa.  It threw me for a Coney-Island-Roller-Coaster-quality loop.  Please take a moment to visit her blog and see what she has in store for you.

Melissa, you rock.  The next triple scoop is on me.  Plus the world's best malbec.


Lilian Nattel said...

It was a lovely post, Beth.

Melissa Sarno said...

Oh, would you look at that picture! Can I be the girl in the purple dress? I think you would look good as a blonde.

I will hold you to that triple scoop and that Malbec, Beth. You can ride the Coney Island rollercoasters with me any day.

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