When you run out of thank you, what do you say?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Look.  I'm going to be honest with you.  You book bloggers out there are bringing me to my knees in gratitude.  You have no idea what your words, your enthusiasm, your deeply felt embraces mean—right now, always.  Every single blog post takes time.  Time to construct the thoughts, to find those links, to read the words through, to make them right, to get it all out there.  Time away from something else (so many things) that might be done.  I know how much time matters—how there is never enough of it—and I am so grateful that you have gifted me with so much of yours.

I speak of all of you out there who have been so supportive of You Are My Only, of this blog, of this odd book life of mine.  And today I speak to Florinda of the fabulous 3Rs, who wrote this beautiful post just now.  In honor of who she is, and of how she stood at my side at the BEA this past summer, and of all that she does as a book blogger and reviewer (her own blog was a long-list nominee for the BBAW), I am replaying a little video that we made during a happy moment this past summer.  We had this conversation on behalf of the Armchair BEA initiative that has now been nominated as part of the 2011 Book Bloggers Appreciation Week.

Florinda, then and now, I thank you.


Karen Harrington said...

Oh, what a joyful message. Loved watching the Armchair BEA clip with Florinda!! Her blog is still one of my faves.

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