still alive and some scenes from the horse show

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I've been spending more time than I'd like in doctor's offices lately, working my way back up to health.  The other day, the nurse taking my pulse explained (blithely) that anywhere from 60 to 100 was "an acceptable" pulse rate.  "If you're under 60, you're either a huge athlete or ...." she stopped, raised her eyebrows, gave me the "you know" shrug.

Two days later, my pulse was 52.

I'm neither a huge athlete (I don't think Zumba on occasion counts) nor, you know.  But here, above, is what quickens my pulse—the big beasts, the grand spectacle of the Devon Horse Show.  I have promised photographs.  These are a few snapped last night. And next time I go to the doctor, you watch:  I'll be pulsed right on up there with the rest of you.


Serena said...

I love these photos. I'm so glad that you are alive, and I hope feeling better. I started small damages and already am in love! I will finish it when I am back...visiting the parents in Mass. with the granddaughter and showing her off to the rest of the family and her great-grandparents.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope you get better soon!

Susan Taylor Brown said...

I am worrying about you, Beth, hoping you continue to feel better.

As always I love your horse show photographs and the way you always manage to tell a story with just one photo.

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