A New Poem, Flying Chickadee, and the Courageous Creativity Zine

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A few months ago, Lorie Ann Grover, a dear friend, talented writer, and founding partner in Readergirlz, introduced me, via email, to Shirin Subhani, the co-creator of Flying Chickadee and the quite original and lovely zine, Courageous Creativity.  Shirin was wondering if I might write a poem on courage for her next issue, and I, thinking about my son's graduation and the uncertain nature of life ahead, said yes.

Within the last few days, this new issue of the magazine has launched, and it is, as I hope you'll see by going to this site, big in both heart and execution. Important stories are here, and so is hope.

Introducing, then, Courageous Creativity, and a poem about a certain boy, called "The Graduate." With thanks to Lorie Ann and Shirin. 


Anna and Serena said...

What a wonderful poem...adore

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