A.S. King, Jennifer Hubbard, and I Pose with a Mystery Man

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Plenty of wild things happened at Skyanne Fisher's PAYA Festival today.  A.S. King hand sold Beth Kephart books, because somebody had to.  Beth Kephart signed her books with A.S. King's name, because every tit deserves a tat.  Kate Walton looked gorgeous (nothing wild about that one, happens all the time).  Skyanne spoke of traveling to humdrum places like Ghana (Sure, Ghana.  Of course, Ghana.  Who doesn't yawn at Ghana?)  Elisa Ludwig showed up in a dress Beth Kephart wanted but Elisa (oddly) wouldn't give it to Beth.  Ilene Wong revealed deep secrets.  Margie Gelbwasser was adorable.  Heather of Children's Book World talked about how much she loves Jessica Shoffel (My Jessica Shoffel? I said.  My.  Very.  Own??)  And Beth Kephart got to sit beside the beloved Jennifer Hubbard, a full month shy of her Children's Book World event with Jennifer, David Levithan, and Ellen Hopkins.

And as if that were not enough?  There stood this delightful man.  Okay, so he could have used a little meat on his bones.  Sure, his hat wasn't as vintage as I'd have liked.  He was also (sorry!) on the tad short side.  But he was upright, strong, and he had a spine, and he could hold his own around three majestic authoresses.  Jennifer, A.S., and I fought over him—with the best vocabulary in the land, I can assure you.  Then he—not defeated, but slightly bored—suggested that we share.

We're big girls now.  Adults.  We did.

Thank you, Skyanne and PAYA!


Liviania said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

Man, his hips don't lie.

Joanne R. Fritz said...

Oh, "he was upright, strong, and he had a spine." Ahahaha! Sorry I got there too late for that.

But glad to have seen you, even briefly.

The1stdaughter said...

You completely crack me up! And again, with A.S. King! Ahhh! I'm reading her new book, Ask the Passengers soon and I have an inkling that it's going to blow me away. Cannot wait!

K. M. Walton said...

I need to hang around you far more often, you do wonders for my confidence ; ) It was great to talk with you--as always.

Christine Danek said...

It was great to see you again. PAYA was a great event.

Serena said...

LOL, you nearly made me spurt coffee all over the computer screen when I saw the mystery man!

Sherry said...

I've gotten to know this guy quite well this last year. ;)

Margie said...

Great time! Loved finally meeting you in person!! You're awesome!

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