in which Aunt Beth wins a game of Sorry

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The fine young gent pictured here is very smart.  He can put puzzles together with a snap of a hand, program computers in several languages, build the computers he programs, ace the essay part of the SAT tests, judge high school debate contests, and climb mountains with boulders on his back.

His sister, the beautiful blonde, studies physics at an Ivy League, dances ballroom (yep, it apparently runs in the family), poses as a hand model for her uncle (we owe her), and knows the names of all stars and all planets in all universes. 

Neither of them, however, could beat me at a game of Sorry.

I will never let them forget it.


KFP said...

Ah, sweet victory.

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

And I can brag that I knew you when ...

Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes, I am still savouring my last Sorry victory.

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