The river runs through us: the Schuylkill in today's Inquirer

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yesterday I promised a link to my Inquirer story about the Schuylkill River, Karen Young, and the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center.  This morning I'm happy to share that link, along with three additional Water Works photographs, here.

A happy Sunday to you all.


Sandy said...

Hello Beth, I have your book Flow. As a fellow Schuylkiller, I really love it. I am wondering about the Nov 9 jury process you describe in today's Inquirer article. Is there any connection between that and the Hidden City Philadelphia proposals submitted for the Water Works last July? As a proposer who has heard nothing from HCP, I'm confused...
Sandy Sorlien

Beth Kephart said...

Sandy, thank you so much for this note. I've checked with Karen regarding your question, and these are Karen's words, below. Karen offered to talk with you if you are further confused:

The two proposals are only connected by the place. The Water Works was on the list as a venue for Hidden City artists and is being run by Hidden City.

Sandy said...

Thanks Beth and Karen. That's helpful. I'll give Karen a call or email tomorrow as I have a couple more questions. It's exciting to hear all the plans for the Natatorium, plaza, and "silt island." I watch the birds around that island often, from the dock of BBC boathouse. Cheers.

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