"Grease" is so totally the word at Radnor High: Photos of Fine Performances

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I have just returned from the matinee showing of my very own high school's production of Grease, which stars an incredible cast of singers, dancers, attitude shifters, and actors, among them my young friends Alison Mosier-Mills and Cat Mosier-Mills. They belong to that lovely couple Elizabeth Mosier and Chris Mills—okay, so "belong" is the wrong word. But they look just like them, and they have talent coming out of their ears. My father, who was my date and always is at these productions, had a smile on his face for two long hours, and so did I, for many reasons.

I share some of the photos I took—without a flash, I promise. Please also note the uber talented Blake Thomson, a member of my own St. John's Presbyterian Church. He's the blond greaser who shows up in many images; you know it's him because he's kneeling before the old non-souped-up Beamer.

Congratulations to the entire cast!


Elizabeth Mosier said...

So great to have you and your dad at the performance today! Thank you for these GORGEOUS photos!

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