in tomorrow's Inquirer, my romance with the rails

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thanks again to Kevin Ferris, and to the designer of beautiful pages. I love writing and photographing for these pieces.


Jerry said...

So good to know a fellow train-lover lives nearby. We live two blocks from the Wayne station. My own training has been more long distance than local. Caught my eye: you spoke at my alma mater, Norristown HS. Bravo on the stars orbiting SMALL DAMAGES!

Jerry Spinelli

A.S. King said...

We have lived too far from a train station for 20 years and this summer we'll be moving to a place that connects to 30th St Station in under an hour. When I think of how many places I can go (and have gone) from that station, it makes me so excited to have trains in my future. Thank you for reminding me!

Beth Kephart said...

Well, Mr. Spinelli.

I'm not sure you'll ever know how much this means to me. But thank you so much. And Norristown was one of my most favorite visits. Ever. We reentered 1876 Philadelphia through a shared portal.

Beth Kephart said...

And A.S. THE A.S.! Oh my gosh. What blog day this is.

Bill Tracy said...

I think you snared a sliver of the magic -- and made it dance for a moment here. Thanks.

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