The Popkin review of Dr. Radway makes me weep (in good ways)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Yesterday I returned home to a a few first copies of Dr. Radway's Sarsaparilla Resolvent. 

Today Nathaniel Popkin, who knows more about this city's hidden places than I ever will and who writes extraordinarily beautiful sentences about, well, anything, wrote about the book for

I had to wipe away the tears of gratitude before I could post of any those words here. I would include every single beautiful paragraph, just to showcase Nathaniel's talents. But that would be, well, that would be a whole lot of wrong things.

So I include the final paragraph only:
"One of Kephart’s gifts in her ongoing written exploration of Philadelphia is the capacity, and the willingness, to look on all that’s here with honesty, to allow for confusion and contradiction, for might and violence all at once. A writer does so by loving her characters, even the rotten ones, even the city so sour it might burn. And by bathing it, as only this one can, in fullness of breath." — Nathaniel Popkin,


KFP said...

You go, Philadelphia author!

Anonymous said...


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