Am I a bird? Montgomery News asks, while talking Dr. Radway and Handling the Truth

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I was feeling particularly inept and incapable today—doing countless things of indeterminate value (save for the thirty minutes I spent reading James Wood and thinking about literary mimicry) and wondering whether I'd ever feel literary again. (Such wondering has become a running motif.)

Then Nicolette Milholin, the Book Bound Columnist for Montgomery News, sent me a story she had written about me and a few recent books. I read the first paragraph and burst out laughing, and then I had this thought: If I do nothing else today, I will have laughed.

Which counts for a lot of something.

So thank you so much Nicolette. Here's that first graf, below. And here's a link to the whole.
Say you want to be a writer, a published author, an acclaimed figure who just can’t help letting those words flow, a writer so prolific that your email signature rightly boasts “author of 16 books.” Where do you turn for guidance and inspiration? It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Beth Kephart!


Unknown said...

You are the embodiment of literary to me! (And such a wonderful friend to boot)

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