Sharing an hour with Dr. Dan Gottlieb, on Voices in the Family

Sunday, August 11, 2013

You know those conversations that you wish would go on forever?

I had one of those a few weeks back with Dr. Dan Gottlieb, the beloved creator of the WHYY program, Voices in the Family. I was a guest—sharing time with James Pennebaker, talking about memoir, and laughing during the breaks. Dr. Gottlieb has a lullabye voice, a perfectly pressed shirt, and a tolerance for guests who show up with frizzy hair. He also has a wonderful producer named Jennifer Lynn, who pre-interviewed me in a phone conversation that might have also (do I repeat myself?) gone on forever.

I was grateful for the live dialogue. And I'm grateful that the hour-long show will air tomorrow at noon in Philadelphia and surrounds. It will be available to everyone as a podcast by 2 PM.

The details here.


Elizabeth Mosier said...

Thanks for this photo! I've always wondered what he looked like, especially since his voice is so familiar!

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