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Saturday, October 26, 2013

When writer/teacher/friend Jennie Nash invited me to share an excerpt from Handling the Truth in the journal Compose, I had no idea just how beautiful this magazine was. I trusted Jennie; that was enough. I said yes before digging further.

Yesterday, Compose released its second issue. This biannual, digital magazine has Suzannah Windsor, Jennie Nash, Lisa Romeo, Andrew Rojas, Reem Al-Omari, Tamara Pratt, Christi Craig, and Tiffany Turpin Johnson on its mastthead. It features both new and emerging writers of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction—and interviews with such powerhouses as Eva Langston and Rebecca Hazleton.

The Fall 2013 issue is dear to my heart, not just because it includes a beautifully designed excerpt from Handling the Truth (I'm in love with the chosen image; it's so perfect for memoir), but because it has an essay called "Mean Mail" by my friend Katrina Kenison (we had talked about this incident in her life; it is amazing to read of it here and now) and an interview with the ever-kind and ever-smart Marion Roach Smith.

And plenty more.

Please take a look at what some very smart and generous literary people can do when they put their minds and talents together.

This is Compose.


Lisa Romeo said...

Thank you, Beth. We are so lucky to have your excerpt!

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