Handling the Truth is named a finalist in the 18th Annual Books for a Better Life Awards Program

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I was sitting in the back of the ALAN conference room, listening to some very interesting writers talk about love in YA literature when my phone buzzed. I took a quick look. It was Lauren Marino, my Gotham editor, sharing the news that Handling the Truth had been named a finalist in the 18th Annual Books for a Better Life Awards.

It was one of those blink twice moments.

And also a very happy one.

There are ten categories, and among those named are Temple Grandin, Anne Lamott, Bill McKibben, Sara Gilbert, Maggie Scarf, Rick Hanson, and two other special people—long-time friend Patty Chang Anker and new friend Josh Hanagarne.

The finalists in my category are esteemed and I'm blessed to be named among them:

Meredith Viera and Arianna Huffington will be on hand. Mark Bittman and Richard Pine will be honored. What a fun night we will have. I imagine swirling.

I must find a dress.

More about this wonderful program and the full list can be found here.


Victoria Marie Lees said...

Congratulations again, Beth. I love your book and have written myself notes throughout. I'm sure you'll find the perfect dress. Happy Thanksgiving!

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