The GOING OVER Teacher's Discussion Guide

Friday, November 15, 2013

Like talented elves secreted away in a very special place, the Chronicle team has been at work on the Common Core Aligned Teacher's Guide for GOING OVER.

When Stephanie Wong sent me the document yesterday afternoon, I nearly fell over. It is so thoughtful, so remarkably thorough, so interesting, so well done that I could barely contain my joy. They asked for nothing from me. They, in fact, surprised me. And it's perfect.

Check out Tamra Tuller's clever tagline: A wall divides them, their love unites them.

This guide will be shared with teachers at the NCTE/ALAN conference I'll be attending next week in Boston. And I'm free to share it here on my blog. Should you know of teachers who might be interested in teaching a book about Berlin, divisions, war, love, and a certain question about the "guest" workers of Turkey who came to help a tattered country survive, please share this with them.


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