the very right books for the very right people

Monday, December 16, 2013

I've just returned from the Wayne Art Center, where I picked up my latest funny pot—just the right size, as it turns out, to collect the holiday cards. My pots are the oddest things in the entire Wayne Art Center world—looking as some child had been given a hunk of clay and the wrong sized paintbrushes. Somehow I don't mind. And besides: the cards matter more.

So there are the cards, and here, in stacks by my feet, are some of the books I've been buying for family and friends this season. I love this. Love buying books with a heightened sense of purpose. It feels like one of the most personal things one can do—finding the very right books for the very right people.


Serena said...

I agree that buying books for people during the holidays is so personal.

Serena said...

And such a great way to say you care.

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