A You Are My Only Review—and Signing at Mid-Winter ALA

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Through my friend Danielle, I discovered this honest review of You Are My Only, a book recently released in paperback by Egmont USA—and a book that I will be signing this coming Sunday, 3:00 PM, at the Egmont booth at the Mid-Winter American Library Association Meeting.

My work is not for everyone. Strangers have told me, and so have friends. It means an awful lot, therefore, to hear from a reader who struggled to find pleasure in my work, who couldn't figure out why those who fussed, fussed, and who persevered nonetheless.

GoodBooksandGoodWine tells that story in her review.

She begins like this:

When I first read a book by Beth Kephart, I wasn’t too keen on it. I did not get what all the fuss was about. Maybe I just wasn’t ready at the time or maybe it was the person I was back then.

She ends like this:
Here is the thing, You Are My Only is sparse in it’s number of pages. Kephart packs in so much emotion in so few words in such a gorgeous style that the book is almost overwhelming. It staggered me, it really did. There’s something sort of intense about Kephart’s writing style. She puts these images in her book where you are like, yes I know exactly what that is but I never thought of it this way before. I don’t know you guys. Just get your hands on a copy of You Are My Only, it is really good and beautifully written and just full of heart.
She packs this punch in between.

GoodBooksandGoodWine, your timing could not be more perfect. Thank you.

Mid-Winter ALAers.... Perhaps I'll see you in my snowy city Sunday.


Serena said...

It is such a great book, Beth

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