The GOING OVER Blog Tour: It's Gonna be Grand

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I have Lara Starr of Chronicle Books and a number of super generous bloggers to thank for the upcoming blog tour of Going Over, which will launch on April 1. I know how much time it takes to write a blog, to post it, to monitor the comments. I can only imagine how much work this was for Lara. And so I am deeply indebted to both these bloggers who said yes and to Lara who extended the invitation, then coordinated the event.

Here's the line-up. I've written a number of personal and historical pieces to accompany the tour, and some of the bloggers have asked me wonderful questions. My hope is that, by tour's end, you'll know more about Berlin, more about my Ada and Stefan, more about how I write and why, and more about the music that shaped this tale.You'll also know a little more about my editor, Tamra Tuller, to whom the book is dedicated.

For more about the book, for a look at early reviews, for a link to a free download-able sample, and for another look at that terrific Chronicle-produced book trailer, please visit here.

And if you want to bop along to some 1980s music as you do, please visit the Going Over Playlist.

Chronicle Books
 "Music in Our Bones"

My Friend Amy
"The first (first) page"

The Flyleaf Review
"It might not have happened: the beginnings of GOING OVER"

The Book Swarm
"East Berlin Escapees"

There's A Book

YA Romantics

Teenreads Blog
"The Berlin photo album"

The 3 R's Blog

Forever Young Adult
"The naming of GOING OVER"

Kid Lit Frenzy

Tales of the Ravenous Reader
"At the Core of the Novel: Truth"

Addicted 2 Novels
"Final day of our blog journey"


Elizabeth Mosier said...

Great lineup, Beth! You are always so creative in your approach to spreading the word!

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