Gearing up for Alaska

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Azalea-pink rain jacket. Check.

Water-resistant hiking boots with as much style as they could muster and as few pounds as they could bear. Check.

Water-resistant pants. Yes, I have those, too.

And a new battery for the camera. An extra chip or two.

I'm gearing up for Alaska. The National Geographic Cruise. I want to see those blue icebergs before they melt into the sea. Those bears (but at a distance). The humped backs of those whales.

And so, later this summer, I will.

Nose to the grindstone between now and then.


Ann Green said...

Will share our Alaska photos, too. We're going soon . . . last time Ted got this great photo of an eagle in Ketchikan in an Eagle rescue:

Caroline Starr Rose said...

LOVE this! We'd like to try and do this next year...

Florinda said...

I went on an Alaska cruise years ago--SO beautiful. I'm eagerly awaiting your pictures!

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