how do we make historical fiction feel like right now?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A few weeks ago, the beautiful (inside and out) Caroline Starr Rose asked me to reflect on the writing of historical fiction. What typically comes first, she wanted to know—character, era, or story idea? How do I do my research? Why do I love  research? And why is historical fiction important?

I answered that final question like this:
Why is historical fiction important?
I think it is so important to try to imagine ourselves into the lives of others during critical junctures in world history. It is a hugely empathetic act. And empathy is, finally, what storytelling is all about—empathy for others, and empathy for ourselves.
You can find our entire conversation on Caroline's blog, here.

Always a privilege to be in the company of this talented, award-winning writer.


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