The Gifts of Father's Day

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A stereoscopic image from World War I: "Some of our two million fighters ready for home, Brest."

(In honor of the upcoming Lore Kephart Distinguished Historians Lecture at Villanova University, with WWI expert Isabel Hull, October 9, 2014) (Found at the incredible Briar Vintage in Philadelphia's Old City.)

A box of locally-sourced delectables from John & Kira's Chocolates, bought at the Bryn Mawr Farmers' Market.

A jar of Blue Elephant happy go lucky summery meadowflower raw honey, found a few stands down from John & Kira's.

The books that didn't yet arrive. Brunch at Nudy's.

My husband will have gifts of his own, of course, and whatever movie he wants to go to, if indeed he chooses to leave the side of World Cup Soccer (this remains doubtful). But since he often stops by to look over my shoulder while I am typing, I will not be posting such gift images here.


Serena said...

Good idea to keep the gifts hidden until after the holiday

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