if you want to know what Philadelphia school teachers do, meet Elaine Roseman, English Teacher

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I am one of many writers who answered the call to spend some time getting to know a Philadelphia school teacher, so as to share that light and living.

The storytelling initiative—"WE Are Keeping the Contract"—is not a form of vitriol. It is not a negative campaign. It is an honoring of people who get up each morning and, under increasingly difficult conditions, listen to and for young people.

I met Elaine Roseman by phone. She told me her remarkable stories. I wrote about some of them here. I invite you to scroll through the poetry and prose already written, and to return in days to come for more.

These teachers, I think you'll agree, matter.


MissKelly said...

It has taken me until today to read what you wrote about Elaine Roseman. In November, I knew it was going to touch me more than I wanted to be touched. As a teacher in Albuquerque, the dire situation for teachers around this country has been my focus for quite some time. Sharing Elaine shows those who fight against the mythical monster teacher that they are battling their own imaginations. Thank you.

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