New York City skyline, the week ahead, and Menaker's "My Mistake"

Monday, October 13, 2014

It was a weekend of many friends and many faces. Talking memoir, then book marketing at the annual Push to Publish conference. Performing a "Blurred Lines" cha-cha with my husband at the gorgeous Goodhart Hall on the Bryn Mawr College campus (we're still standing). Setting off for a perfect Sunday with our son, a day that ended with this glimpse of New York City magic.

In the week ahead I'll be at Montgomery County Community College (Tuesday evening) and at Trinity Center for Urban Life (Thursday evening) to give a talk I've titled "RIVER DREAMS: History, Hope and the Imagination," a keynote on behalf of the Schuylkill River's designation as the 2014 Pennsylvania River of the Year. The events are free and open to the public, and we hope you'll consider joining us. More information can be found here.

I also hope to be able to finish reading (and subsequently blogging) Daniel Menaker's My Mistake, a terrific memoir about the life of this former editor. We make mistakes (I've not yet met a perfect person). Some deeply change the course of our lives, or the lives of others. Some are cheek-blushing, oh-damn foibles from which we learn. Menaker's book (I'm halfway through) yields, above all else, perspective. I look forward to sharing more of it here in days to come.


Serena said...

Sounds like you have more busy times ahead, but at least you had a great time with Cha Cha, friends, and family!

Dan said...

My face is reddening as I type, as I have (obviously) just now allowed myself to Google myself--as I do once a month or so. (Do you believe that?) In any case, thanks very much for these very kind words. Hope you like the rest.

--Dan Menaker

Beth Kephart said...

Mr. Menaker (may I call you Mr.?), you just surprised the heck out of me. Yes. I loved your book. Doesn't everybody?:

And, Serena, we did have fun. And it is even MORE fun now that the cha cha is history.

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