Introducing a Gorgeous New Magazine Called GROW

Saturday, December 20, 2014

I have spoken here of Adam Levine, a Philadelphia writer, historian, gardener, and friend who was so instrumental in my search for Schuylkill River images during the creation of Flow. I have referenced a certain Rob Cardillo, an exquisite photographer (he and Adam together created the definitive guide to the great gardens of Philadelphia), who recently asked me to join him at Chanticleer in something other than a black coat. (I took my own small camera along and snapped these photos.) Let me here introduce Scott Meyer and Kim Brubaker, former editor and art director for Organic Gardening, respectively.

Together these four have concocted a most gorgeous magazine called Grow, for the 25,000 or more members of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. It has launched this week. It is worthy of a celebration.

I was honored to contribute this back-page essay to Grow. Rob Cardillo took this photograph just before the rains unleashed at Chanticleer. I share just one column of the text. The rest lives for the Growers of PHS.


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