I cried real tears when I read these words (about One Thing Stolen)

Monday, May 11, 2015

One Thing StolenI can't tell you how much I love this book, how in awe I sat of this story, an elaborate nest of its own. I'd copy every beautiful sentence from this novel and leave it here for you, but that is the gift of Kephart's book, sitting with its soft feathered pages. This book is not a tangle. It is an incredible, careful, deliberate weave. Ribbons and strands of story coming together to create something exquisite and beautiful. Like Nadia's very first steal, which involves taking apart the words and language she is losing her grip on and braiding it back together in pieces, this book is a similar, spectacular creation.

From This Too (the full review is here).

To have been understood. So thoroughly. Like this. To be taken into Melissa's own life, heart, mind, travels.

Thank you, Melissa Sarno.


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