Love song to Moravian Bethlehem, in today's Inquirer

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I have written of the weekend we spent in Moravian Bethlehem—of the happy times we had among friends old and new. Today I'm talking more about those three days—and the idea of home—in the Inquirer.

The story begins like this, below, and can be found in full here.

I traveled to Bethlehem, Pa., to talk about home at the Moravian Writers' Conference. About how home roots us, shapes us, tethers, scrapes, and needs us. About how (if we are writing, if we are living) we are forced to define what the word means to us.

Home is akin to poem. But how?
(With thanks as always to Kevin Ferris of the Inquirer, and with great thanks to Joyce Hinnefeld, for the invitation.)


Unknown said...

Great to meet you and hear you speak. Moravian was a really good experience for a novice.

Unknown said...

So wonderful to see our historic city explored and appreciated--and in your stunning prose, no less. Thank you, Beth!

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