five stars for Handling, soon available in its fourth (and updated) edition

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So very grateful to discover (thanks to dear Starla) these words today from Jennifer Louden, a personal growth pioneer, national magazine columnist, TV guest, and teacher.

Thank you, Jennifer Louden, for your thoughts on the books you've lately loved, and for including Handling in the mix.
Handling the Truth by Beth Kephart

(Available at Amazon and Powell’s)

Kephart’s writing is swoon worthy and her insights incisive but what makes this a book worth owning is the way she shares her shivers of insights into how to do the tricky work of memoir writing. She puts into words what feels like the most slippery thing I’ve ever tried to do. 5 stars!
The fourth edition of Handling, new updated, is due out within days.


Serena said...

I adore when others see your books as I see them.

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