celebrating my husband's first gallery showing, at Jam Gallery in Malvern, PA

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mario Sulit, my brother-in-law, came in from Dallas to help us celebrate (among other things) my husband's first gallery showing, at Jam Gallery, in Malvern, PA. Bill (pictured in the dark shirt behind two of his pieces and beside sculptor Doug Mott) joined painters, ceramicists, sculptors, egg artists, woodworkers, metal works, and salvaged-wood artist Laura Petrovich-Cheney (whose work—built from the salvaged wreckage of Storm Sandy and incredibly inspiring to me, as the author of the forthcoming storm novel This Is the Story of You—hangs just behind Bill) for what proved to be a wonderful reception and conversation.

Our friend, ceramicist Lisa Lynn, braved the rain and joined us as well.

For more on Bill's work, please visit his web site.

To see his work in person, please visit the very hospitable Jam Gallery, located at 321 East King Street in Malvern, PA.


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