Tim Wynne-Jones rocks (and he had kind things to say about This Is the Story)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You know how I adored the Bank Street conference. You know how much I think of Tim Wynne-Jones's new book, The Emperor of Any Place (and Tim himself). And you know what a rock star Tim is, Tim who is practically the King of Canada, he's so good, who has won more awards for his wide-ranging books than I have the brain cells to count.

And look, just now, here is Shelf Awareness, reaffirming what we all already knew.

So you can imagine how very happy I am that Tim took the time, not long ago, to read This Is the Story of You. He taught me something new about the book. He shared these words. They will grace the book, alongside Dana Reinhardt's gorgeous kindness when it comes out next spring from Chronicle Books.

It is the book that finally answers that age-old question what if you were a castaway thrown up on the shores of your own life. Isn't it amazing what a storm blows in: memories and mysteries. So much lost and then something found amidst the shattered flotsam -- something you couldn't have even known you were missing. A beautiful story. — Tim Wynne-Jones, Officer of the Order of Canada and award-winning author of The Emperor of Any Place, among many other titles 


taltebrando said...

Wonderful stuff!

{checks mailbox for ARC...sadness}

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