On Articulate (WHYY) with the brilliant Jim Cotter, and his kind and gracious team

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The glorious hours I spent in the company with Jim Cotter and his entire team have produced these minutes on film that I will always treasure.

Here are so many of the things I care about—Philadelphia, the Schuylkill, Penn, memoir, story, language—all in one place, all at one time.

I'm not beautiful, as I always say. But maybe it is enough if beautiful things live in my world.

You can watch the segment, which also features literary translation and tenor Stephen Costello, here.

Or watch this evening at 10:30, WHYY TV, or on Sunday at 1 PM.

Articulate—all of you—thank you.

Gary Kramer of Temple University Press: you have opened so many doors. Thank you.


Jenny Hoppins said...

What I love most about your work is that you do bring the reader along with you, without us really being aware of your presence. What you show us through your lens is almost photographic in clarity. This has everything to do with your skill in language, but also because of your generosity to widen the lens. To surround and immerse the reader in a place that moves and feels alive. I really enjoyed hearing you read and explain memoir. That memoir can take different forms and not feel so self indulgent. That it can be about something bigger than ourselves while also being from ourselves.

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