This Is the Story of You, a first blog review

Monday, March 21, 2016

The days leading up to the launch of a book can be excruciating.

Does anyone know the book exists? Will anyone care? How will the book find its way in the world? Will readers find in those pages what you hoped to write into those pages—in this case, the story of the compassion and community that arise in the wake of a monster storm on the Jersey shore?

This past weekend, thanks to the New York City Teen Authors Festival (and David Levithan), I had the opportunity to read the first page and a half of This Is the Story of You to a beautiful gathering at the New York Public Library, as part of a panel that also featured Carolyn Mackler, Luanne Rice, and Francisco X. Stork (and David). On Sunday afternoon, I saw the book in a bookstore for the first time, thanks to the mega Books of Wonder signing.

When I returned from New York, I learned that Jennifer Hoppins, a beautiful writer who had received Story as part of a giveaway, had been working on a review of the book for her blog, Imagined, Remembered, Believed. It's a rather extraordinary review—a weaving together of fictions and personal truths, a gorgeously written post about life and loves.

I share it here. With gratitude to Jennifer for making this season of waiting less lonely, and for allowing me to exhale.

Thank you.


Jenny Hoppins said...

Dear Beth, My heart is full and happy to know that you appreciated the review. It was my sincere pleasure to write about This is The Story of You, as it moved me emotionally while deepening my perspective of a community that faced so much loss. Thank you for writing the book, for being brave and taking risks with language. Thank you for the way you not only entertain and inform, but support other writers in their journeys. People like you add love to this world, and for you I am grateful.

Victoria Marie Lees said...

This is a beautiful, heartfelt review, Beth and Jennifer, for a beautiful and heartfelt story. I'm enjoying my journey through This is the Story of You as well.

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