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Sunday, April 3, 2016

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Unknown said...

Hi Beth, I love your writing voice-gorgeous! I'm an adult writing student, and was inspired to write about home. Lucky for me, I still live in Montana. Thank you for your goodness in the world and in writing.

What is Home?
Home is a Montana summer. It is here where I seek my childhood boredom-its beauty, its loneliness. It is a field of grass stabbing my skin. It is the song of water over rocks, an artery, forcing life in its shallow depths and along its slippery banks. Home is the space above the prickly tips and soggy air where my wishes grow, blow in the breeze, snap back, fall windward again. Crabapples, small and hard as stones, fall to the ground with a shadow’s notice. Home is where a fishing pole waits in the corner, a tattered bike leans against a wall, pine needles scatter across a well-worn trail. Home is where the scent of mock orange floats through the air.

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