the art of Juncture Notes (issue 2 will soon be on its way)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

We've been so thrilled by the response to Juncture Notes—the writing elicited by our prompt, the questions about memoir, the interest in our five-day memoir workshop. We're now at work on our second release, which should go out in a week or so. If you're interested in receiving a copy, just click on the link to the left of this blog post (or on the workshop link above). That's the sure-fire way of beating the spam filters, or so we believe, anyway.

One of the questions we've been receiving relates to the art that is folded in with the words. That art is, as many of you have guessed, the work of my partner in life and in this Juncture enterprise, William Sulit. I've shared his work in many media from time to time on my blog. Bill's work was recently selected for the prestigious Clay Studio National exhibit, beginning on May 6th. We'll soon be celebrating his first solo show—in ceramics—at Show of Hands Gallery in Philadelphia, beginning on June 3 and ending July 24.

Bill will be creating or sharing original art in each issue of Juncture. Here, above, is a taste of things to come.

Sign up if you'd like to see (or read) more.

There are just four spaces now left at our inaugural memoir workshop. Please let us know if you are interested.


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