Quintessential Devon Horse Show, Memorial Day

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Monday. My father and I head down my street for the Devon Horse Show. My neighbor's dog performs its tricks on the way. Sarah Beth's young sons show off their cuteness. By the time we reach the admissions booth, we're told that my father—who served two years during the Korean War—is invited into the fairground for free, with seats in the stand no less. I, as his chaperone, can join him.

And so we play Skee Ball. We go in and out of the booths. We watch the adult jumpers in the stands and the Shetland pony races by the fence. We walk in and out of the stables, past the girls with lemon sticks. We sit with cookies. We talk.

My father, wearing a pin, is thanked for his service.

I thank him—and all those who serve—as well.


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