brilliant first draft? hardly.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I write a first draft, but it isn't good. Plank, by plank, I take it apart. A new prologue helps me see what the book might be; it gives me a sail and a chart. A shift in tone pushes me to go more real, less arch. A shift in tone places into question every single anecdote and scene.

I stand at my desk. I plop into my rocker. I sprawl on the couch. I sigh.

I have no business being a writer, being a teacher, I'm giving this whole thing up, say I.

Maybe others write a brilliant first draft.

Those others are not I.


Jason Poole said...

Thanks for giving us a peek into this part of your process. It's so good to be reminded that this road of self-doubt is well-travelled by everyone (?) who dares to take those first steps.

Dawn Byrne said...

Really like this. Poetic and true.

kate hopper said...

And yet you keep coming back to each piece, each book, and eventually they sparkle. Thanks for reminding us that it's never easy.


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

It is not the first draft, but the last draft, that counts.

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