sunburst after darkness: at long last, I'm writing again

Sunday, December 4, 2016

I know this to be true about myself: I can't find peace unless I'm engaged in the never-entirely peaceful struggle of writing.

I need to be inside a story. I need to find faith that story can matter.

And now at last I am forty pages into a new book that has required me to listen very carefully, to imagine very deeply the life of a young woman I've come to care enormously about. A book that has sent me down exquisite research trails. A book that I want to wake up to.

Engaged with my own work again, I can engage more deeply with my community.

We have to be whole to give of ourselves wholly.


Nina said...

My mind spins. I have notes upon notes on my phone, on paper next to my bed and within the margins of books. I weep when I realize my pen to paper is crappy, losing, lousy and not enough. I want this to end. Only I can end it.

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