Nothing But Ghosts

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A few moments ago, Laura Geringer, my editor at HarperTeen, called with the extraordinary news that NOTHING BUT GHOSTS, my fourth novel for young adults, has found its home with her. HarperTeen will publish GHOSTS next year (HEART IS NOT A SIZE will be published fourth, due to the emotional connection that GHOSTS shares with my first two novels). Thank you, Laura, Jill, Lindsey, and the entire team at HarperTeen for believing. Thank you, Amy Rennert, my one and only agent since 1997, for staying on this journey with me and for seeing all these wonders through.

GHOSTS took form in my head shortly after my mother passed away, when a persistent goldfinch began to rattle against my office window—drilling at the glass with its beak, hovering like a hummingbird. It came only in the early morning, when I was the lonesome soul awake and disappeared during the rest of the day. I took this photo of it through the window screen. I began to think that it was my mother checking in, and with that thought, NOTHING BUT GHOSTS was born.

So, Mom: Here's to you, again. When Laura called, I had your favorite Rod Stewart CD on. At that very moment, he was singing, "Thanks for the memories."


Lisa Ohlen Harris said...

Congratulations, Beth. Wonderful news.

Beth Kephart said...

Dear Lisa and Erin,

Thank you. You have both been such generous presences on this blog, and you are kind to return from time to time.

I just placed a wreathe on my mother's grave and told her the good news.

Happy holidays,


Melissa said...

Beth, How wonderful that your mother's presence was so RIGHT THERE when you got the news. I got engaged two weeks ago, and Dave and I went to a ballroom dance lesson that night. The first song was "Lullaby of Broadway," a song my father--who passed away in 2004--used to sing to me when I was a little girl. It meant the world.

I love those moments.

Beth Kephart said...

Melissa! How incredible is your news. Congratulations on the engagement, and welcome to the world of ballroom dancing. What dance have you chosen for your wedding day?

I love the forever presence of those we love.


Melissa said...

Thanks, Beth! Not sure of the dance yet, but we'll have fun finding it. :)

poetjanes said...


This is wonderful news. I'm thrilled your genius and good wisdom is making its way into the hands, hearts, minds of young readers!


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