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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sometimes (often) I really miss my cat, Colors. I found her when I was an eight-year-old in Boston. She traveled with us to suburban Philadelphia. She lived until just before I married. She was so gorgeous. She was so calm. And when I was sad or angry, she brought her peacefulness near.

When I miss her I try to remember this: But she belonged to you. Once.


Sherry said...

Oh Beth. How do you do it? How do you end up helping others when it is raining over there? You've made me think of my horse. Who belonged to the whole family, in reality, but really only belonged to me. She did the same for me as what Colors did for you. I'm remembering now. Thanks to you. THANK YOU. And peace, dear friend.

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, perfect.

This makes me glance over at the portrait in my office of my beloved and departed first kitty "Fannie."


So precious these little angels are.



septembermom said...

Very touching. I love how you write she "brought her peacefulness near." Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I've lost several beloved cats (and other pets) over the years. The remedy for me is to find another I can love again.

When I lost Booger -- a black-and-white stray who found his way to our doorstep a few years ago -- I ran to the local shelter and adopted and black-and-white kitten, Jack, who filled the holes in my heart. Thanks for the reminder, Beth. I love your books and writings.

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