In which Colleen Mondor (of Chasing Ray) surprises me, sweetly

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I don't, as many of you know, look for reviews of my own books, but every now and then one will filter in, and sometimes I'll be reading a favorite blog and come up short against my own name.

That's what happened a few minutes ago, when I was checking in with Chasing Ray, where I've had the privilege of appearing from time to time in a truly wonderful series of Colleen Mondor orchestrated think-a-thons.

I was reading along, about wish lists for Navajo and Apache teens and other typically important topics, when I happened upon this:

After finishing Beth Kephart's latest, The Heart is Not a Size, I have decided she is becoming almost her own little sub genre - a writer who creates stories around, and perhaps also for, a particular sort of teenage girl. The one who seems to have it so together but has numerous little worries, and concerns. Not the drama of violence or addiction ala Ellen Hopkins but of quietly going a wee bit unhinged while trying to hold it all together. Not that Georgia goes crazy in the slightest in Heart, but she worries. And in Nothing But Ghosts there was quiet worrying as well. This all strikes me as something that is perhaps more common than anything else among teenagers - the worrying about holding it all together, doing the right thing, not being a disappointment.

I am taken aback by the perceptiveness of this. It's true. This is what I've been up to. I just didn't know anyone had noticed.


tera said...

How wonderful! I guess I need to get this one and read it, too!
I also love your photograph, what a fabulous...doll? hanging? artwork?


kristen spina said...

Beautiful! And yes, so perceptive. I think I need to read more of your books!!

Beth F said...

Fabulous! And how gratifying.

MissKelly said...

"...the worrying about holding it all together, doing the right thing, not being a disappointment."
Thirty years after my teens, I have not grown past this.

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