In which I apologize to (and thank) Kathye Fetsko Petrie

Sunday, April 18, 2010

This blog has a singular purpose:  To thank Kathye Fetsko Petrie, who is one of the greatest friends books (or a friend) could have, for taking my hot red Sony in the midst of this Philadelphia Book Festival moment and snapping this photo of Rita Williams-Garcia, yours truly, and Catherine Murdock.  Kathye undertook the endeavor at physical risk to herself (I didn't realize the stage was quite so high or inconvenient when I asked her if she might do it) and, well, I don't know:  I just wanted to say thank you.

Kathye, next photo's on me.


Sierra said...

Yeah Kathye! She is a trooper - great photo too.
Wish I could have gotten to the book festival, from all reports it was a great day.

Beth F said...

I need get my priorities in place -- I worked a bit on Sunday and we really should have gone to Philly.

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